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Chocolate & Sweets

Sweet and delightful

Sweet treats are close to every Italian’s heart, so our shelves and cupboards must always have room for some traditional delights.

Almond biscuits from Tuscany are a perfect sweet addition to any meal and an ideal accompaniment to prosecco or chilled white wine. Try the Antonio Mattei Biscotti Prato and delicious Cantuccini with added dark chocolate drops or our Biscottificio Belli selection. There’s also the delicious nutty range from Seggiano, which includes orange, grapefruit and honey too.

For the all the great taste of almonds and baked apricot kernels from Saronno, we also have a whole range of Del Chiostro Amaretti made to the traditional recipe.

Tasty Balocco wafers with a creamy milk filling and the aromatic flavours of vanilla are another Italian classic. 

If you haven’t already tried the uniquely delicious fruity flavours of tangerines or mixed fruits from Barbieri Mostarda, preserved in syrup and mustard oil, then this could become a new store cupboard essential.

We also have a great range of handmade cookies from Mondo Di Laura, featuring exotic spices and ingredients from around the world. There’s the irresistible vanilla and chocolate Giuly Cookie and the chocolate and orange scented Ghilty. Or enjoy the truly Italian tastes of honey, ginger and pistachios of the Mondo Di Laura Green Lady.

Some of Italy’s most distinctive sweet flavours come from the mountains and valleys of Piedmont region, so our selection had to include its most famous confections. Chocolate and hazelnuts couldn’t be more traditional and we have great choices from Pernigotti, including the famous creamy vegan Gianduiotti to the all-too-tempting Pernigotti Nocciolato Mini Dark bars.

Complete your pleasure with iconic Italian Venchi chocolates. We have intense, deliciously dark Roma, Torino and Venezia bars. We have tins, blocks, truffles and bags of treats, including coffee, nougat, orange, black cherry, pistachio and hazelnuts. There’s also the layered loveliness of Cremini and Chococaviar granules dusted with exotic cocoas.


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