ALBARINO Pazo de Villarei


ALBARINO Pazo de Villarei

Pazo de Villarei is a 42-hectare plot on the banks of the Umia river in northwestern Spain. Mild summers allow for long, slow ripening periods, helping the grapes maintain optimal acidity levels whilst achieving full, phenolic ripeness. A lengthy fermentation in stainless steel tanks at very low temperatures preserves Albariño’s delicate aromatics.

A native of northwest Spain and northern Portugal (Alvarinho) making full bodied, structural wines often with a keen, saline acidity, alongside plenty of fruit and all manner of floral aromas. Increasingly popular, it has been transplanted as far afield as North America and Australia.


  • Type: White
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: NW Spain
  • Producer: Pazo de Villarei
  • Primary grape: Albariño
  • Bottle size: 75cl

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