FERRERO Pocket Coffee Espresso Chocolates 5pcs


FERRERO Pocket Coffee Espresso Chocolates 5 pcs 62gr

The fine combination of whole milk and chocolate with real  Italian espresso.  Cocoa is selected from the Carribean, South America and Indonesia to create the perfect combination of chocolate that is then filled with 100% Arabica espresso. Pocket coffee is made from original Italian espresso and fine chocolate.

Although these may be small, the taste is everlasting and these are one of our most sought after chocolates. The only liquid coffee chocolate around. Similar to a liqueur, espresso is encased in rich fine chocolate, so when you bite in, the aroma and the bittersweet taste of espresso takes over.

Made by the famous chocolatiers at Ferrero, these pocket coffee chocolates are ideal for coffee on the go.

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