OTTOVENTI Scibá Passito Zibibbo


OTTOVENTI Scibá Passito Zibibbo

This luscious Sicilian sweet wine is made according to the “passito” method where the harvested grapes are laid out to dry and to rise the sugars concentration in the juice. The wine is made with Zibibbo grapes which is more commonly known as Moscato di Alessandria in Italy or Muscat d’Alexandrie in France.


Zibibbo is one of the world’s great wine grapes, a unique variety that can withstand heat and droughty conditions better than most other wine grapes. This grape was originally cultivated in North Africa, probably close to the ancient city of Alexandria. The Arabs spread this grape around the Mediterranean basin including Sicily as a table grape and for drying. In Sicily the grape still retains its old name Zibibbo that comes from the Arabic word “Zabīb” which means “dried grape” or “raisin”. The Zibibbo grape is indeed highly suited for making sweet wines but it is nowadays also used to produce aromatic dry wines. Being an extremely old variety, the Zibibbo is the progenitor of many other Italian grapes. It is today planted all over the world, especially in hot and dry places.


  • Type: Dessert Wine
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Sicily
  • Vintage: NV
  • Producer: Ottoventi
  • Bottle size: 75cl

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