PASTIFICIO DEL COLLE Tagliolini Picasso 250g

Pastificio Del Colle’s "Picasso" tagliolini is a type of ribbon pasta, dried with a fold in the middle so that once cooked it doubles in length. The striking mix of black, green, pink, blue and yellow colours is achieved using natural dyes such as squid ink and spinach. Serve the pasta simply with a cream sauce, mushrooms and a scattering of parsley – to really highlight the vibrant colours. The pasta makes a lovely gift.

Pastificio Del Colle is based in sunny Puglia, and has been making pasta for 100 years. In recent years, Pastaficio Del Colle has become known for its beautiful coloured pasta shapes, which are all made using natural dyes. The company uses traditional artisan methods – shaping their pasta with bronze dies, selecting the best durum wheat semolina, and allowing the pasta to dry slowly. The company was started by Vito Nettis in 1920, and is now run by his nephew who is also called Vito Nettis!

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water, spinach (3%), paprika (2%), beetroot (2%), turmeric (1%), cuttlefish ink (1%)

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