TENUTA MARMORELLE Gluten Free Lasagna Pasta Sheets 500g


TENUTA MARMORELLE Gluten Free Lasagna Pasta Sheets 500g

Our Gluten-Free Lasagna should be prepared by being parboiled for 5 minutes and then it is ready to be placed in layers into a baking tray and finished in the oven.

Our gluten-free pasta took almost 3 years to develop to get the best possible taste.

It is made just with cornflour rice flour and water, nothing else is added. Apart from the ingredients, it is treated in the exact same way as our traditional pasta, being Bronze Drawn and Slow Dried. This means it doesn’t break apart or stick together like other gluten-free pasta. We believe our gluten-free pasta to be the best on the market -the taste, texture and colour stand out in a class of its own.  Our GF pasta has been awarded multiple Great Taste Awards - the GF Lasagna Sheets won a 1 Star Great Taste Award in 2015 

With our 11 different shapes, your whole family can enjoy pasta together...


Cornflour, rice flour and water

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliac

Certified by Coeliac UK

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