VINCENTE Nucilla Chocolate Panettone 750g

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VINCENTE Nucilla Chocolate Panettone 750g

Panettone with Chocolate drops, covered in milk chocolate and roasted chopped hazelnuts.

Vincente is a family business from Bronte in Sicily, an area famous for growing top quality DOP pistachios. The range of panettone is very unique in terms of quality and variety, bursting with flavours and aroma. The production follows the traditional method of cake making, paying particular attention to “starter yeast” allowing it to rise for hours in order to achieve its softness and fragrance. Vincente uses only the best sourced highest quality ingredients, therefore the final product is excellent and flavoursome packed in elegant and stylish wrapping. Vincente also makes sought-after pistachio cream with 65% of DOP Bronte pistachio nuts, nougat and croccantini.

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